Smallwood Trail System

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This series of trails cover 12 kilometers. There are actually three trails: the Trail along the famous Gambo River, the Dominion Point Trail and the Trail along the Middle Brook River. These trails are all well groomed, providing easy access and comfortable walking, with stop spots set aside for interpretative boards, photography, a picnic or rest. Along the way the hiker can study the flora: black spruce, birch or pine, pitcher plants and wild orchids, and fauna such as geese, ducks, sandpipers, and a host of smaller birds like the sparrow, robin, and chickadee. There are trout, salmon, eel, and bay seals to be seen in steadying pools and the fish ladder. Across the trail may hop a rabbit with a fox in pursuit, or a mink, coyote, or weasel then there are the relics and remnants of old sawmills and sawdust piles and wooden dams along the way. The entire trail system is accessible as well from the National Trail ways.