Smallwood Interpretation/Visitor Info Center






The Interpretation Centre is an interpretative site for all of Newfoundland for the life and work of Newfoundland's first premier and a father of confederation, Joseph R. Smallwood.

The Centre consists of a large exhibit area containing audio and visual and tactile presentations detailing aspects of the Smallwood Era in Newfoundland history. Part of the exhibit area is a replica of Smallwood's study that existed in his house on Roaches Line in Conception Bay. The study is populated by a wax figure of Joey surrounded by artifacts from his actual study in Roaches Line. Outside is a wheelchair accessible river deck and a floating dock providing a photo opportunity to snap the mouth of the Gambo River and the bottom of Freshwater Bay. As you gaze across the river to Dominion Point with its relic steam boiler from David Smallwood's mill or beyond that to the Wetlands with its natural habitat for ducks and geese in comfort. A short hike away from the Centre up the Smallwood Dominion Point Trail will take you to the Wetlands.