Logger's Memorial Park

Logger 's Memorial Park


The history of Gambo is very simple, its all about logging. Concurrent with the salmon fishers who moved into Gambo to harvest Traverse Brook, Middle Brook, Gambo River, and Mint Brook,came the woodsmen. In 1863 David Smallwood built the first steam-powered sawmill in Newfoundland on Dominion Point. In 1873, J.J. ("Gambo Jack") Murphy built an impressive modern sawmill on Mint Brook. In addition, the Ponds and Pritchett's all opened sawmills and between them employed hundreds of loggers and millers to turn Newfoundland's famous pine to baulk timber and to cut into building lumber the fir and spruce that were so abundant in the river valleys and along their ridges.

The Logger's Memorial Park with its own interpretative trailway honors the thousands of Newfoundlanders who harvested the wealth of the forests of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Memorial joins the Fun 'N' Sun and David Smallwood Park and creates a unique combination of attractions, natural and manufactured.