The following information was shared with us by an employee of the Department of Environment - Wildlife Division who then requested that we share this information with you:

Black bears are always looking for an easy meal.  Once they find a source of human food or garbage, they continue to seek it out.  When they become accustomed (or habituated) to humans, their natural fear of people fades and they take more chances to access food.  Habituated bears are unpredictable and may become aggressive.  Avoid creating problem bears by making sure food, trash and other attractants are stored properly.

You can prevent a negative encounter with a black bear by following some basic guidelines:

-          Never leave food, pet food, bottles, pop cans or food containers outside.

-          Store food, garbage, coolers, camp stoves, pots and pans in your shed, cabin or vehicle.

-          Harvest fruit from fruit trees when ripe.

-          Keep dairy products and meat out of compost piles.

-          Clean BBQ grills after use to minimize odor.

-          Store garbage inside a shed or garage until just before pick-up.


Living With Bears