Public Notices

Public Notice For Clean Up Week


 Discretionary Notice 352 Smallwood

Garbage Collection Victoria Day


Clean Up Week Spring 2017


Tire Collection Day




Volunteer Week - Thanks

The Town of Gambo would like to advise residents that Spring Clean-Up Week has been scheduled for May 23rd-26th, 2017.

Further information regarding the collection will follow at a later date.

Lorne Greene

Town Manager

Everyone received a form in the mail to fill out for the upcoming Municipal Election. The Information collected is only for use in the upcoming Election. It would be appreciated if you could send in the form or fill out the online form by clicking   here. 

General Municipal Election 2017

The Town of Gambo is currently in the process of preparing for the General Municipal Election 2017.  Part of that process is acquiring information on eligible voters in the community to complete a comprehensive voters list.  A survey will be mailed out to residents over the next few days.  Completion of this survey is completely voluntary; however, Council encourages all households to participate.

Residents can complete the survey on the back of the mail-out and return them to the Town Hall or complete them online by clicking here.

Upon completion of the online survey you will be sent a confirmation email.  If you need to edit your response, please use the 'EDIT RESPONSE' link in the email.

Please complete the survey by February 28th, 2017.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Placement of Traffic Delineators

Due to safety concerns Council would like to advise the public of the placement of traffic delineators at the northern corner of the intersection of J.R. Smallwood Blvd. and Paul's Hill.

Please use caution when travelling in this area.

Speed Limit Change-Park Road

The Town of Gambo is advising residents that the speed limit for Park Road has been reduced to 20 km/hour  effective March 9th, 2016. Council looks forward to your co-operation in this matter.



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