Good Ole Gambo

Good Ole Gambo

written by Lloyd Noseworthy


I've traveled all around the world from England to Japan

I've seen the seven wonders, I've challenged no man's land

From the Colorado Canyon's to the California Coast

But I always want to get back to the place that I love most.



Good ole Gambo, nestled among

the pine verdant valley, scenery sublime

Brillant beauty, blanketed in snow

In spring she sprouts her splendor

where the peaceful waters flow.


I love to watch the geese & ducks fly by, I love to hunt the moose that roam

Stalk the caribou on Cashin's Bog, in this place that I call home

The smelt that swim up Gambo Brook, make a delicious meal in fall

When it comes to country living, good ole Gambo's got it all




I love to sit on Joey's Lookout on an autumn afternoon

See the waters of Freshwater Bay responding to the moon

See a silver salmon pierce the air on majestic Middle Brook

Feel a sea trout tighten up my line as it follows my fly hook.




So if you want to find a place to holiday or live

Come down to Good ole Gambo, see what she has to give,

Like all of us who live here, I'm sure you're gonna say

There's a little bit of heaven here in Bonavista Bay